Monday, January 28, 2013


This post will be all about Kendra!  I figure since my blogging was next to nothing last year, it's time to share an update on each of the kiddos. 
What's new with Kendra???  So much.  She's our sweet little girl.  But don't underestimate her, she can get feisty when she wants to be. 
Some of her favorites...
  • SWEETS!  Seriously I think she can eat sweets all day long if it were up to her.
  • She loves everything Princess!
  • Dancing is her thing, singing too, but she can bebop like no other in the car. 
  • Movies/shows she enjoys: Dora the Explorer, Polar Express, Cinderella and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Her favorite color is Purple! (That's my girl)
  • She enjoys jumping on their trampoline in the backyard.
  • Her favorite "do" is her in two piggy tales.  :)

An update on Kendra!  Stay tuned for Chloe's update coming soon.

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